5-Star Hotel in Mallorca

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5-Star Hotel in Mallorca

One of the most important things when travelling is choosing the perfect hotel to stay in. Given the large number of hotels in Mallorca, choosing a hotel that suits you is not an easy task, so in this article we would like to recommend our 5-star hotel in Mallorca.

In addition to talking about our 5-star hotel, we will also tell you everything you need to know about Mallorca and the places you should visit on this fantastic island. There are a wide variety of hidden places in Mallorca, so you can enjoy beaches, mountains and distinct landscapes without having to travel far.

We would also like to recommend some of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca and Palma. They are great places to cool off from the heat in Mallorca and relax with the amenities and services found on the beaches of Mallorca. Here you will also find the incredible Purobeach, beach clubs where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere and the good things in life.

You can find all the information you are looking for about the paradisiacal island of Mallorca in our post. Get to know about Mallorca and our 5-star hotel in Mallorca. If you don't want to miss a thing, keep on reading!

Holidays in Mallorca

Every year, thousands of people decide to come on holiday to Mallorca, which is no surprise! Everyone who comes on holiday to our island located in the Mediterranean Sea cannot wait to come back. One of the main attractions of Mallorca is, without a doubt, its beaches with crystal-clear water, but Mallorca is much more than that. 

In Mallorca, we have great weather, charming villages, entertainment and leisure activities and picture-postcard landscapes, such as the hidden corners of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

If you are organising your holidays in Mallorca and you don't know where to start, don't worry, the first and most important thing is to choose a good hotel in Mallorca to stay in. It has to be a hotel that is well-situated and has everything you need for you and your loved ones to relax after a long day discovering Mallorca.

If you want to know more about these places, do not hesitate to read on. We want to give you all the information you need about this island in the Mediterranean Sea, so that you don't miss anything during your holidays in Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca

To begin our Palma de Mallorca recommendations, we would like to mention the city’s top monument: Cathedral of Mallorca, also known as La Seu among Mallorcans.

The Cathedral of Mallorca stands out because it is the world’s closest cathedral to the sea. It is famed for its enormous Gothic rose window, the largest in the world, with a total surface area of 13 metres.

Another visit Palma option is a stroll through its streets in search of the city’s iconic sites. The Arab Baths of Palma are one of the few remnants of the Muslim conquest of Mallorca. The Old City Wall of Palma is another top tourist attraction, and last but not least, we have Es Baluard, Palma’s most important museum of modern and contemporary art. All these places are ideal for getting to know a little more about the history of the island of Mallorca.

Of course, you can't leave Mallorca without trying Mallorcan gastronomy. Don't hesitate to try typical dishes from Mallorca such as ensaïmadas or cuartos de Mallorca. Another option is to cool off by the sea with a homemade ice cream and while enjoying the good weather in Mallorca.

Hotel in Palma

We are sure you have the urge to come on holiday to Mallorca after reading this article! Now that you have chosen your destination, it is time to decide where you want to stay, and as it happens, we have the perfect recommendation for you! No matter what time of the year you travel to Mallorca, staying in a hotel in Palma is always the perfect choice.

When choosing your 5-star hotel in Mallorca, one of the things to take into account is its location. For example, choosing the Old Town is one of the best options to be close to everything and enjoy a unique atmosphere. 

You will discover all that the Old Town has hidden for you as well as being close to the best beaches in Palma, the most charming villages in Mallorca and leisure areas where you can go out for a drink. One example is Santa Catalina, a neighbourhood of Palma full of busy bars and ambience typical of nightlife in Mallorca.

And if you have to choose a hotel in Palma, don't hesitate to choose Hotel Palacio Can Marqués. It is the perfect place for you and your loved ones. Don't miss the experience of discovering our rooms, gastronomy and everything else that Hotel Palacio Can Marqués has prepared for you.

Palacio Can Marqués

Palacio Can Marqués is a hotel located in La Lonja, in the Old Town of Palma de Mallorca. We are sure that it is the perfect hotel for you to stay in during your holidays in Mallorca

At Palacio Can Marqués, you will enjoy incredible facilities and bright, spacious rooms, with all the creature comforts to make your stay in Mallorca the best possible.

At Hotel Palacio Can Marqués, you will be able to unwind in a Mediterranean-style garden in Palma de Mallorca, but also a rooftop where you can relax in Palma. Did you know that the rooftop of Palacio Can Marqués has panoramic views of the city of Palma?

Palacio Can Marqués also caters for sportier types as we have a fully-equipped gym so that you can keep up your fitness routine, and for lovers of good gastronomy, Palacio Can Marqués has two superb and singular restaurants in Palma.

If you want to enjoy this and much more, don't hesitate to choose Palacio Can Marqués for your holidays in Mallorca.

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