5 reasons to visit Mallorca

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5 reasons to visit Mallorca

Although there are many reasons to visit Mallorca, today we are going to talk about 5 of them. Mallorca is an idyllic place to spend your holidays. It is the perfect place if you want to discover cities like Palma, enjoy nature or unwind.

For instance, Palma, despite being a tourist capital, has a very special touch. This is why there are many places to get lost both in the center of Palma and in its surroundings. If you are thinking about organizing your holidays in Mallorca, do not hesitate to continue reading this post in order not to miss anything.

We are going to tell you about the weather in Mallorca, the city of Palma, the beaches of Mallorca or about the wide variety of excursions you can do on the island. But also, where to stay to make the most of your holidays. These are the 5 reasons to visit Mallorca. Keep reading!

Weather in Mallorca

One of the main advantages of Mallorca is the good weather. Thanks to the island's temperatures, it can be enjoyed all year around. The rainy days in Majorca are minimal.

Good weather days are the ones that most characterize the island of Mallorca. Also, during the fall and spring, very low temperatures are not reached. During autumn, the maximum is usually 25ºC, while in winter it is 15ºC.

Therefore, it does not matter when you organize your holidays in Mallorca, you can always enjoy the sun and good weather on the island. Without a doubt, this is the main of the 5 reasons to visit Mallorca, but there are still more. Read on to discover them all.

Discover the city of Palma de Mallorca

Strolling through the narrow streets of Palma you will be able to get to know the city. Its buildings, the most recognized monuments, shops, art galleries ... But without a doubt there are some places that you must visit during your holidays in Palma.

When you visit the city of Palma de Mallorca, the cathedral is a must. This Gothic-style church is one of the best-known cathedrals in Spain. Its position by the sea or its rose window, unique in the world, are some of the best-known characteristics of this amazing Cathedral of Mallorca.

But there are other places worth visiting in Palma de Mallorca. The Almudaina Palace, the Arab Baths of Palma, Es Baluard… These are places that you cannot miss during your holidays in Palma de Mallorca.

Mallorca beaches

All the beaches on the island are one of the most paradisiacal beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Near Palma we find Playa de Palma or Ses Illetes. Even being only a few kilometers from Palma, they have crystal clear waters and golden sand.

The coves of Mallorca are usually located next to the Serra de Tramuntana. Due to the cliffs, there are no long sandy beaches, but small stone coves. Great examples of this are Cala de Deiá or La Marina de Valldemossa.

But if what you are looking for are sandy beaches in Mallorca, you can find them in different parts of the island. Both in the north and the south, it is very common to find long sandy beaches in Mallorca. Clear examples would be Es Trenc, in the Colonia de Sant Jordi area, or Playas de Muro, located on the opposite side of the island, in Alcudia.

Excursions in Mallorca

Another of the 5 reasons to visit Mallorca, evidently, are the awesome excursions you can do through its mountains and valleys. If you visit Mallorca during the autumn or winter season, certainly, do not hesitate to get to know the heart of the island and the Serra de Tramuntana, through both hiking and cycling excursions in Mallorca.

During these months, thanks to the good weather of Mallorca, you can go on incredible excursions through the island. There are very special ones, as Ses Fonts Ufanes. This place houses a unique natural phenomenon in Mallorca, considered a natural monument since 2001.

In the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, you can do many excursions adapting them to your level. If you do not have an adventurous spirit, but you would like to go on an excursion in Mallorca, I would opt for a short route such as the Ermita de Betlem. But if, on the other hand, you like adventure and long excursions, we recommend Torrent de Pareis.

Hotels in Mallorca

Without a doubt, to live an unforgettable holiday in Mallorca, one of the things you have to make sure of is that you stay in one of the best hotels in Mallorca. It is essential to have a perfect vacation.

That is why we are going to recommend the Palacio Can Marqués, located in the center of Palma, it has everything you need to make you feel at home, but surrounded by the wonderful city of Palma.

Can Marqués Palace

The Palacio Can Marqués is a spectacular hotel with a very different concept. It has a timeless character, with both modern and historical styles. Our rooms are spacious and bright. All of them different but equipped with all modern facilities.

In addition, at Palacio Can Marqués you can enjoy two different restaurants. On the one hand you will find Beatnik, a unique restaurant in Palma. Its menu has traditional cuisine but with a different touch.

And on the other hand we have The Merchants. This Palma restaurant is a Steak and Grill. With select meats and fish, you will enjoy the quality of their cuisine. But if what you want is just to enjoy a cocktail, you can go up to the rooftop of Palacio Can Marqués to drink it while enjoying the panoramic views of Palma.

Do you still doubt? Come and enjoy Mallorca and visit our incredible Hotel Palacio Can Marqués.