Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the capital of Mallorca, a very special city due to its interesting atmosphere and special corners. This place leaves speechless everyone who visits it. Its picturesque streets and the history of Palma are some of the many features that make it unique.

The ideal place to start getting to know the rest of Mallorca is in the middle of the Bay of Palma. Palma has very important and awesome historical monuments that you must visit.

Palma is located near some of the best beaches in Mallorca. Even being close to downtown, you can find beautiful sandy areas such as Illetas or Playa de Palma. Without a doubt, you have to discover the magic beaches of Mallorca.

We recommend you some of the places that are a must when you come to visit us in our Palace Can Marqués. We will tell you all about them and we will inform you about its history and importance.

Mallorca Cathedral

The great symbol of Palma. A place that leaves you speechless, due to its beauty, majesty and location. From anywhere in Palma, you can see the wonderful Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, also known as the Basilica of Santa María.

Located above the remaining parts of the old wall of Palma, you will find the Cathedral, where every single detail has been considered. Since its construction began in the 13th century, it has been remodeled due to different circumstances, but it has never lost its characteristic Gothic style.

The Cathedral of Palma is a must for anyone who comes on a trip to Mallorca, it should be mandatory. All the areas open to the public are authentic spectacles. From the works of art by artists like Miguel Barceló, to the incredible rose window, proclaimed as the largest in Europe. All its corners are special; do not hesitate to discover them.

Arab baths of Palma

Among the old town of Palma de Mallorca, we can find iconic and different places such as the Arab Baths of Palma. A unique place that has always been very important in Palma.

Its importance is given for being one of the few remaining examples of Muslim architecture in Mallorca. After passing through the beautiful Can Pit garden, you will be able to enter and travel back in time while walking through the rooms of Palma's Arab baths.

Because we are very well preserved, you can see many of the facilities of the period of Medina Mayurca. The hot and cold water rooms, the steam pipes, the fireplace room ... They are quite a spectacle. One of the best known rooms is the 12 columns room.  Do not miss it!

Bellver Castle

Just a few minutes by car from the center of Palma you can find the awesome Bellver Castle. Its name comes from the incredible views of the Bay of Palma that exist from this place.

This Gothic-style castle began to be built in the early fourteenth century. Its uniqueness lies in being one of the few round castles in the world. And it was Jaime II who ordered it to be built to be able to observe the city and the sea, controlling everything from this small mountain.

It is open to the public and it houses the Museum of the history of the city of Palma: a place that will show you, in detail, everything that has happened in this incredible city. You will also be able to observe unique details such as the moats that surround the Bellver Castle and the bridge from one of them to the Torre del Homenaje.

Palma, a city full of art

Apart from the historical monuments and beautiful places, Palma is a city full of art. There are many places to discover and experience the culture of art in Palma. This is due to the number of artists who live in Mallorca.

A clear example is the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation. A place full of history and works of art of the famous painter Miró and other exhibitions made by current artists. But this is not the only place, in the center of Palma you can enjoy the Baluard, a place full of modern art, where exhibitions are held daily.

But through the streets of the center of Palma you can also find art. Just a few meters from Paseo del Borne, there are streets such as San Felio or Calle Tous i Maroto where there are a large number of art galleries. Like the Pelaires Art Gallery, the first one that dared to open in Palma many years ago.

Can Marqués Palace

All the corners that we refer to in this post are located just a few meters from a hotel as special as the Palacio de Can Marqués. This incredible hotel, in the heart of Palma, will allow you to discover the charm of the city of Mallorca.

Staying at the Palacio de Can Marqués is sure the best vacation. Once you enter it, you will begin to create experiences. From the cuisine of our restaurants, Beatnik and The Merchants, to the interior garden of our lovely patio.

We try to make you feel at home, with our special environment and offering you places like  Purobeach Illetas and Palma at your service, so that when you want to be by the sea, you don't have to worry about anything and just enjoy.

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Do you need more reasons to choose Can Marqués and the city of Palma to rest this summer? We have many more ... But you will have to wait for the next post.

We will wait for you!