Hotel in Palma de Majorca

Hotel in Palma de Majorca

Welcome to the new blog space of Can Marques. In it, we will recommend all the places,

plans, and experiences that are a must during your stay in Mallorca. Coming on vacation to

Mallorca is visiting one of the most beautiful corners of the world. That is why we want to

recommend you our hotel in Palma de Mallorca.

Can Marqués has a perfect location for those who want to visit Mallorca, and all its corners.

It is located in the very heart of Palma, a few meters from the Cathedral of Mallorca, and in a

very busy area, with a friendly atmosphere, full of leisure such as La Lonja.

Can Marques

Since Can Marques opened its doors in 2018, it has become one of the best hotels in Palma

de Mallorca. This Mallorcan-style palace is located in the cobbled streets of Palma's old

town. Thanks to its location, you can discover the most unique places in Palma.

Can Marques has all the services and facilities to make your stay unforgettable. With

exclusive and different details, we want you to feel at home and enjoy everything we offer

you at our hotel in Palma de Mallorca.

History of Can Marques

The building where our hotel is located today has belonged to Majorcan families throughout

the centuries. It is a baroque-style 18th century palace, located a few meters from the sea.

Can Marques is a typical Mallorcan palace but it has singularities that differentiate it from the

neighboring buildings. The inner courtyard, also known as "Claustra", is larger than usual. It

also has an inverted imperial staircase, rare in this type of building.

The location of Can Marques has a particular history. The person who ordered its

construction was a captain, consul for merchants and guardian of the Cathedral of Palma.

His name was Antonio Massa. For this reason, the hotel is located next to places so

connected to the sea such as La Lonja, a place where fish was auctioned in ancient times.

Rooftop in Palma

Can Marques you will discover some corners like no other. Our rooftop in Palma has

spectacular views wherever you look. Perfect for watching the sunset in the center of Palma,

we offer a bar service so you can enjoy the views while sipping a delicious cocktail.

Before dinner, after lunch, early in the morning ... Any time is perfect to enjoy this corner of

Can Marques. In addition, it is also the perfect place to relax with a book, while you unwind

with the sea breeze.

Restaurant in the center of Palma

In Can Marques hotel you can enjoy The Merchants. A new style of seeing and enjoying

meat, lobster or seafood dishes. Our Chef Stephen Sullivan is in charge of choosing all the

pieces carefully, so that everything comes out perfect.

In our restaurant located in the center of Palma you will find artisan cocktails, Mallorcan

wines, different beers and non-alcoholic soft drinks. The restaurant is located in the garden

of Can Marques and is open for lunch and dinner.

Rooms Can Marques

A luxury hotel in Palma with 13 rooms and all of them with singularities that differentiate

them. We offer different suites, so you can select the one that best suits you. The rooms at

Can Marques are stocked with everything you need for your holidays in Mallorca.

You can find different rooms in Can Marques. The Riad is without a doubt the most special

and different. It is a room with 3 bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. It can be classified

as the most spacious room in Mallorca.

In addition to this unique suite, we have five more room categories. All of them decorated in

detail in a classic-modern style, which never goes out of style. Moreover, thanks to the

architecture of Can Marques palace, all of them have singularities that make them special. In

them you will find vaulted ceilings, baroque columns or typical arches of the time.

Hotel with gym in Palma

In Can Marqués you will find our superb Wellness area. Open 24 hours a day, we offer you a

unique place to disconnect. In addition, we have Techno gym equipment that will allow you

to work all the muscles.

With direct entry from the garden, you can choose the time of day that best suits you to train.

In our hotel with a gym in Palma you can also find a steam bath, so that your body can relax

after exercise


Upon entering Can Marques you will find this unique boutique store. We have created a

lifestyle space in Can Marques by the hand of the internationally recognized designer Aline


In the store you can find a variety of furniture and decoration elements, but we also offer you

individual interior design advice. All the furniture of Can Marques can be purchased by all


The boutique of Can Marques has fashionable designs such as cocktail dresses, Parisian

style dresses or accessories of different types. In this place you will find unique pieces that

you will love and you will need to bring home with you.

Sailing in Mallorca

One of the most special and traditional ways to get to know Mallorca is from the sea.

Discovering the Mediterranean Sea and the entire coast of Mallorca is almost mandatory for

all those who come to enjoy the island.

For this reason, Can Marques offers a beautiful sailing yacht to its customers. Awarded for

her design, and winner of several regattas around the world, it is the perfect boat to get to

know the beaches and coves of Mallorca from the sea.

Upon request, you can enjoy this sailboat. Win-Win, current name of the ship, is pure glamor

and comfort, to make your day on the sea simply perfect.

Staying in Can Marques

For these reasons, and many more, you deserve to stay at Can Marques. It is the perfect

Hotel in Palma de Mallorca for you. Organize your holidays in Mallorca and we take care that

everything goes perfectly.

Do not hesitate and come and discover all the places that the Palacio de Can Marques

hides. We will wait for you!