Holidays in Mallorca

  • Palma de Mallorca
Holidays in Mallorca

Could be a better place for your holidays than Mallorca? This Mediterranean island is the best plan for all those looking to spend a quiet and unspoiled holiday. Moreover, during winter and summer in Mallorca you will find all kinds of activities to do.

Organizing your holidays in Mallorca is a safe bet. Thanks to the good weather in Mallorca and all the activities you can do in it, your holidays will be immaculate Best plans could be sunbathing on the beach, or going on excursions through the Serra de Tramuntana.

That is one of the advantages of Mallorca: its variety of options. You will always find a plan to do according to what you feel like doing at all times. As you can see Mallorca is the perfect place for sea and mountain lovers.

If you are organizing your holidays in Mallorca and you don't know how to organize your days on the island, today we want to recommend the best places to visit and plans to do. The beaches of Mallorca are a must, but visit the Serra de Tramuntana or the different towns on the island as well. But remember, Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca, is a must. Keep reading so you don't miss a thing!

Beaches of Mallorca

In Mallorca we have long sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Mallorca is a perfect island if you are looking to rest and sunbathe on paradisiacal beaches during your holidays.

During your holidays in Mallorca you will find all kinds of beaches. From spectacular and kilometric sandy areas, to stone coves. But you will also find beaches full of facilities and others more hidden, more virgin where only nature and tranquility reign.

Some of the best known sandy beaches in Mallorca could be Es Trenc, Playa de Muro and Illetas. Located in totally different places on the island, they have all the necessary services to make your day at the beach perfect. In Illetas, we even find the spectacular Purobeach Illetas. A unique site.

Serra de Tramuntana

A place that you have to visit during your holidays in Mallorca is the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana. It is the highest mountain range on the island. And in it you will find some of the most beautiful towns of Mallorca.

Serra de Tramuntana is located on the northwest coast, from Andratx to Pollensa. Its name comes from the typical wind that blows in this area of ​​the island. The highest point of the Balearic Islands is located in the Serra de Tramuntana: Puig Major.

Thand to its special cosntruction, known as dry stone, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

In Serra de Tramuntana you can visit beautiful villages, even unique water monuments such as Gorg Blau, Ses Fonts Ufanes or Es Salt des Freu. It is also the perfect place for hiking routes in Mallorca.

Towns of Mallorca

Another thing you can visit during your holidays in Mallorca are the different and picturesque towns on the island. 

In Mallorca, the towns on the coast are very different from those in the interior and those in the Serra de Tramuntana. The typical coastal towns are towns with small houses: they were the old fishermen's houses. They are perfect for the summer season.

The towns of the Serra de Tramuntana are characterized by their construction. They are small stone towns with a very familiar air. Some of the best towns in this area are Valldemossa and Fornalutx. They are certainly two of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca.

Finally we will find the towns in the center of the island. They are towns where agriculture is what prevailed, so they are towns surrounded by fields. For instance: Sa Pobla. This town is very popular for its potatoes, it has large fields full of these awesome vegetables.

Palma de Mallorca

Finally, you cannot leave Mallorca without visiting Palma de Mallorca. The capital of Mallorca is a unique place. Everyone who comes to Mallorca on holiday falls in love with this city, its  friendly atmosphere and its unique and interesting history.

In Palma de Mallorca you will find all kinds of activities to do. You can go shopping, you can taste the most typical dishes of Mallorcan cuisine or you can get to know all the museums in Palma. But you can also visit art galleries or stroll quietly through its streets.

But there is a mandatory stop in Palma de Mallorca: the gorgeous cathedral of Mallorca. Also known as La Seu, it is one of the most important monuments in Mallorca. Its uniqueness and difference from other cathedrals is what makes it so special. So do not hesitate to get to know her from the outside, but also discover its interior and discover everything that it hides.

Can Marques Palace

If you are organizing your holidays in Mallorca and want to choose the best hotel to rest in, don't hesitate to choose the Palacio Can Marqués. It is a hotel in the heart of Palma where you will feel at home.

Located in the old town of Palma, very close to places such as La Lonja de Palma or the harbour of Palma, it is the perfect place to rest. In addition, it has all kinds of facilities so that you do not miss anything during your holidays in Mallorca.

Its spacious and bright rooms are perfect for resting, while its gym is ideal for not missing your sports routine. Moreover, you will find two different restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of cuisine.

We are waiting for you at Palacio Can Marqués!